Redefining Trucking Experience

Smart trucking

Match your shipment with recommended transporters based on availability, cost and performance.

Dispatch to delivery/End-to-end

Have access to the status ofyour shipment and receive updates now in real-time.

Dynamic Visibility

An integrated network of everything and everyone related to logistics to make faster, informed decisions.

What We Do

At TrunkPool, we are working towards redefining norms for the logistics industry. We believe in realising human potential to a remarkable extent by bringing a revolutionary change to the technology of moving things.

Powered by AI, advanced algorithms and actionable metrices, shippers have the facility of booking a vehicle at a competitive price and the transporter's asset utilisation increases due to matched jobs for their hauls.

  • active vehicles
  • running orders
  • transactions completed

Get Load

asset utilisation

Real-time visibility enables shippers and consigners to plan movements increasing vehicle utilisation.

digital payments

E-documenting facilitates quicker and secure payments for smarter deliveries.

Business expansion

A platform for the end-to-end expansion of trucking utilisation and ultimately your business.

business planning

Run your business from anywhere and contrl by getting automated notifications.

check order history

Track and trace order history to stay updated anytime.

time optimisation

Optimum utilisation of time by pre-planning business routes and deciding upon truck movements.


Latest FAQ’s

What is TrunkPool?

TrunkPool is a trucking platform for shippers to seamlessly interact with transporters in order to deliver their shipments on time and with as much ease as humanly possible.

How do I get started with using TrunkPool?

Kindly Sign Up with us online to start. You can also send us an email over at

How do I track my shipment?

Click on the "track" tab. It will direct you to a page where you can track your shipment in real-time.

My answer is not here. How do I get help?

Please email us at for further assistance. We are open on all weekdays.

Who to talk to for billing queries?

Please email us at for futher assistance. We are open on all weekdays.

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